Online Fund Raising for NGO


Uday Foundation, Delhi.

Uday Foundation, Leading NGO want to integrate online donation facility, with existing website, without disturbing ongoing fund raising campaign


Integrating donation facility along with online payment gateway, to replace third party site links, integrating various functionalities and compliance to government norms and invoice structures, getting periodic reports. Majority deployment has to be done on live site and with a challenging schedule.

Uday Foundation is leading NGO in India, operates across various verticals. Health, Support & Dignity, Emergency Response & Disaster relief are the major areas. Earlier client was using third party fundraiser portal, which was putting up more chunk of donation to the fees and users being diverted to 3rd party website for donations. Being registered foundation under section 80G, donation system has to have provision for compliance with government norms and facilities.


We offered WordPress based customized solution, which will cover the need to Uday Foundation, along with special provisions to comply with legal requirements for tax provisions like 80G. Legal compliance & it’s reporting is entirely custom built to go in-sync with the payment processing system.

Resulting system makes it handy for team to create & manage the donation drives, while facility to get weekly & monthly report as well as data export in MS Excel format. System is still serving well with the client.


Coupled with promotion strategies and existing goodwill, this system generated enough funds which helped more than thousand households on the occasion of Diwali Fund Raiser was a success.

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