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Our client is a contemporary clothing label among the women, famous for its comfort and style since 1992. The Canadian label is known for its perfect fit, contemporary styles, variant prints, trending fashion, and flattering colors for all age group.


The client’s website was facing potential lag in the website loading speed and had limited support from host to WP Rocket features. These lags lead to a reduced performance of the site, demotivating or sometimes repelling potential buyers from spending time.

KulkarniTech discovered that the hosting lacks support for SSL certificate (HTTPS), which generally results in lack of confidence in the website from the consumers. It comes with the risk of losing confidence and business from the majority of consumers.

The client’s website also lacked optimization in site database, which made retrieving the information much complicated. The site showed signs of multiple installations and attempted experimental tweaks creating a nightmare of clutter for the company. The multi-lingual capabilities of the site were adding up more load on the website, which required rework and tweaking of ML plugins. Their Hosting stack was not up-to-date with the current technology and the shared server space was clogged, making the website loading slow. With higher product labels, the client required a dedicated and cutting-edge hosting server to avoid any bottle-necks possible.

These were the major challenges discovered by KulkarniTech after their analysis on the client’s website limiting its performance.


To crosscheck the claims mentioned above, KulkarniTech restored the website on their hosting servers for testing purposes and added performance tweaks. They used a reliable third-party benchmarking facility to benchmark both sites at the same time. The aim of this exercise was to find out the problem areas with the client’s website and help in their performance improvement.

We optimized the Database manually, removing traces and junk from earlier and non-supported plugins. We also replaced some of the plugins which provide similar functionality, and optimized for performance. Applied compression, minification, and sequencing.

Image optimization was a major point. Being apperal e-commerce, high quality images are must. We had to find a balance between image size & quality. We got the perfect balance to bring in optimized page loading without hampering the visual appeal.


We handed over the detailed report highlighting web hosting limitations and list of suggested options for hosting & CDN. CDN further optimized the time, than the staging setup on which tests has been conducted.

Performance improvement

We also shared optimized version of website which gave serious performance boost to the ecommerce store.

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