Course Enrollment Automation for Instagram brand


Leewardists is Instragram brand with 160K+ followers, known for architectural comics & courses.Being focused on architecture, Leewardists also offer various courses, workshops and webinars related to architecture & comics.


Leewardists offer courses & workshops in the form of webinars, and using WooCommerce for selling the courses. But the process was much more manual. Team used to take the order details and enroll students to respective webinars on the third party webinar platforms. Furthermore the communication was mostly conducted offline.

Leewardists came to us with a challenge to automate the whole process of selling, enrolling students, sharing the course materials, enrollment to webinar platform & keeping track of individual student’s learning progress.


We offered a WordPress based Learning Management System, tightly integrated with WooCommerce, an e-commerce plugin for WordPress, and developed custom bridge for enrollment into webinar platforms, upon successful course purchase. We also offered facility to handle multiple currencies in same store & assigned specific payment gateway per currency, which helped client in accepting Indian, as well as overseas enrollments.


Entire process of Signup & course enrollment got automated for client. Client team can now spend more time on creating contents & building courses, while course enrollment and progress tracking was taken care by the learning system with e-commerce.

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